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PUA Updated Gross Earnings Form

On August 5, 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new guidance on how states can define "gross earnings" for weekly Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claims. This allowed us to set a new definition of “gross earnings” that will mean some self-employed PUA claimants can get higher weekly benefit payments. This is retroactive, which means you can get higher payments for weeks you already claimed.

Report your updated “gross earnings” using the form below, and we will send you the benefit payments you qualify for under the new guidance for all the weeks you were eligible.

How do I calculate my “gross earnings”?

The Oregon Employment Department is now defining “gross earnings” as: gross receipts received during the week (total amount that came into the business) minus 25% of the prior calendar month’s expenses. Expenses include things like business rent, utilities, product materials, and office supplies.

For example: Your week’s gross receipts are $1,000. Last month’s expenses were $4,000. And 25% of $4,000 = $1,000. Your “gross earnings” for that week would be $1,000 in gross receipts - $1,000 in 25% of the prior month’s expenses = $0. So you would report $0 for your “gross earnings” on your weekly PUA claim form. You would get your maximum weekly benefit amount (as long as your business is still being impacted by a COVID-19 reason), even with $1,000 in total earnings. Before the new definition of “gross earnings,” you would have had to report $1,000 on your weekly PUA claim form, and would not have gotten benefits for that week.

Your benefit amount might go down or in some cases might be $0, depending on what your “gross earnings” were that week. If your “gross earnings” is a negative number, you should report $0. Do not put a negative number.

Who does this apply to? Who should report updated “gross earnings”?

Getting higher weekly PUA benefit payments only applies if:

  • You are self-employed (you do not get W-2 tax forms),
  • You qualify for PUA,
  • You submitted weekly PUA claims using the old definition of “gross earnings,” which was simply total earnings for that week, and
  • Your updated “gross earnings” are lower than your maximum weekly benefit amount.

Please use the form below to report updated “gross earnings” for previous weeks. You can report up to 20 previous weeks.