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Report ID Theft or UI Fraud

Unemployment insurance fraud is the intentional misreporting or withholding of information in order to get benefits. If you intentionally hide or report wrong information, it is fraud. FRAUD IS A CRIME and can result in penalties up to and including criminal prosecution.

Some examples that could be fraud:

  • Not reporting a job refusal or work you miss while claiming benefits
  • Providing false information or withholding information to get benefits
  • Failing to report all of your earnings when filing for weekly benefits
  • Not reporting your job separation accurately

If you have information about unemployment fraud, please complete one of our fraud referral forms below.

Employers Reporting Fraud

If you are an employer and believe someone may have received benefits to which they are not entitled, please let us know by reporting it through the fraud referral link below. Although the forms refers to suspected fraud, this is the way to tell us of any situation where you think someone might have received benefits when they should not have.

Employees may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if they turn down an offer of suitable work due to COVID-19 related reasons as defined in our temporary rules.

Employees may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if they are:

  • Ill with COVID-19
  • Potentially exposed to COVID-19 and subjected to a mandatory quarantine period
  • Staying home to care for a family member, or other person they live with or who they provide care for, who is suffering from COVID-19 or subject to mandatory quarantine
  • Unable to work because they have to stay home to care for a child due to the closure of schools, child care providers, or similar facilities due to COVID-19
  • Asked to work when it would require them to act in violation of a mandatory quarantine or government directive
  • Unable to work because they have been advised by their health care provider or by advice issued by public health officials to self-quarantine due to possible risk of exposure to or spread of COVID-19

General Public Reporting Fraud

If you are not an employer, but have information about unemployment fraud, please complete our fraud referral by following the fraud referral link below. We review all tips that we receive, regardless of how much information you provide. However, the more details you can give when reporting unemployment fraud, the better it will help us in our investigation.

In addition to the name of the individual, and the fraudulent activity they are doing, providing details such as their address, their age or date of birth, and/or their social security number will help us better identify the person in our claim records.

If you are reporting someone working while receiving benefits, providing the name and address of the employer as well as approximately how long the individual has been working for them, in addition to the information above, will help us in reviewing claim and wage records and determining fraudulent activity.

We keep the information you provide confidential, and you can ask to remain anonymous when reporting UI fraud. However, due to confidentiality laws, we are unable to provide the results of any investigation based on the information you provide. We appreciate your help.​