New Phone hours – Call us from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday. We are temporarily closing phones on Mondays to work on claims and reduce delays.  You can also send a message from your Frances Online account or use our Contact Us form.

Unemployment Insurance benefits are now live in Frances Online!

Frances Online, the new, easy-to-use online system for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits is live! Modern and mobile-friendly, you can now do a lot more things online through self-serve features. The first thing claimants need to do is create a Frances Online account For useful tips, “how-to” guides, videos, and more, go to our Frances Online resources page.

As anticipated, the UI Contact Center is experiencing high call volumes since Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits went live in Frances Online. Remember, you can use the customer service channels in Frances Online before calling the UI Contact Center. You can use the Contact Us form, the Live Chat features, or message us directly from your Frances Online account. You can also ask “the Owl,” the online Frances chat bot, questions about how to use Frances Online. In your account, you can check the status of a claim, view new documents, upload documents and provide requested information online, or make a payment. Learn more at

Learn How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance

Learn about how to apply for unemployment insurance and what documents and information you will need. Then start your application in Frances Online.

How Do I File?

Frances Online

Unemployment Insurance benefits are now live in Frances Online! The first thing UI customers with an active claim need to do is create a Frances Online account at After creating an account, you can submit your weekly claims using Frances Online!

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Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud

If you have information about unemployment insurance fraud, please complete our fraud referral at the link below or call 503-947-1995 or 1-877-668-3204. We review all tips that we receive, regardless of how much information you provide. The more details you can give when reporting unemployment insurance fraud, the more it will help us investigate.

Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud


After you send us your claim for unemployment insurance, we will review it to determine your eligibility. At times, we might have only a few follow-up questions for you, and at other times, your claim might be complex or have issues that require us to do a thorough review known as adjudication.

This page provides more information about situations that might cause us to thoroughly investigate your claim or even to deny or reduce benefits, as well as your options for appealing an administrative decision we make.

About the Adjudication Process

Get Help Looking for Work

For help looking for a job or retraining for a different industry, use WorkSource Oregon services in your area. Most people are required to register for employment services after filing an initial application for benefits. If you live in Oregon or near Oregon but regularly commute to work in Oregon, you will need to register in iMatchSkills and then meet with WorkSource Oregon staff one on one (online or in person) to complete a reemployment orientation.

Get Help Looking for Work

Get Connected with Other Helpful Resources

The Oregon Employment Department and other organizations offer a variety of resources for workers, employers and other Oregon residents.



Are you an employer or business owner looking for information? Visit the Employment Department’s Employer website for specific information about reporting requirements, contributions, and programs like Work Share, which can help you avoid layoffs.