New Phone hours – Call us from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday. We are temporarily closing phones on Mondays to work on claims and reduce delays.  You can also send a message from your Frances Online account or use our Contact Us form.

Unemployment Insurance benefits are now live in Frances Online!

Frances Online offers features that provide a better customer service experience. It’s also mobile-friendly and available in Spanish and English. Claimants can now do a lot more things online through self-serve features, instead of waiting for a letter in the mail or calling the UI Contact Center.

While the system is easier to use, it’s important to keep in mind that federal and state law means that the Unemployment Insurance Program is still complex—that isn’t going to change. In the new system, complex claims will continue to take longer than simple claims to review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frances Online is the Employment Department’s new, modern, easy-to-use online system for Unemployment Insurance and Paid Leave Oregon benefits. Learn more about Frances Online on our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

How-to guides

You will need to create a Frances Online account before you can use the system to file an initial or weekly claim or take any action on your claim.

If you have set up an account in Frances Online to receive Paid Leave Oregon benefits, you do not need to set up a new account. You will use that Frances Online account for Unemployment Insurance.

Create a Frances Online account

  • General Guide: English and  Spanish
    • Use this guide to create your account.
    • Our system may find a record for people who have filed a claim in the past few years.
      • If so, follow the steps in this general guide to request a Frances Access Letter through the U.S. Mail. Then use the guide below after you receive the letter.
      • Not everyone will need a Frances Access Letter.
  • Create a Frances Online Account using a Frances Access Letter: English and Spanish
    • Use this guide after you have received a Frances Access Letter to create your account with a Letter ID.
This video follows the general Create a Frances Online Account How-To Guide.

File an initial claim or application for benefits

File a weekly claim

Restart a claim

Recover or reset a Frances Online password

Set up an Email Account

Verify Your Frances Online Account

Suspense Messages and Questionnaires

Review Your Submissions

Send a Message

Update Your Information 

Customer Service Tips

  • Check U.S. mail and email daily and respond quickly to requests for information. Check email spam filters. We still have to send some information by U.S. mail, even if claimants choose to get email alerts. Letters and emails may have due dates for responding. If you miss the due dates, your benefits could be delayed or denied. Uploading documents is easier in the new online system.
  • Check online before calling the UI Contact Center. Many questions can now be resolved quickly through the new self-service features in Frances Online.
  • Review and follow eligibility rules each week for which you are seeking benefits to avoid a disruption to benefits. Visit for a refresher on program eligibility.
  • If you need help in other languages, Frances Online is available in Spanish and English. Our website, is available in 12 languages and can answer many of your general questions about the Unemployment Insurance program. Free language interpretation is available by calling the UI Contact Center at 1-877-FILE-4-UI (1-877-345-3484). OED is an equal opportunity agency. OED provides free help so you can use our services. Some examples are sign language and spoken-language interpreters, written materials in other languages, large print, audio, and other formats.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Frances Online is designed to make applying for Unemployment Insurance benefits easier and more secure. People may try to take advantage of you to steal benefits. It is important to pay attention.

Learn more about how protect yourself from identity theft and fraud, as well as how to report it.