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Training Unemployment Insurance

The Training Unemployment Insurance (TUI) program helps dislocated workers — people who have become unemployed and are unlikely to return to their previous industry — support themselves and their families while gaining new skills. They can then return to the workforce and advance their careers.

Under the TUI program, dislocated workers can get training or attend school while receiving benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Program. The TUI program does not offer training or pay for training, but it removes the requirement of looking for and being available for work in order to receive benefits. This way, you can attend school full time.

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What are the most important things to know about the TUI program?

Every year, the TUI program helps hundreds of dislocated workers pursue education and approved training so they can return to the workforce. But the program has some specific requirements.

  • The TUI program cannot pay for tuition or training, but it does provide benefits for people in training.
  • Only people who are dislocated workers are eligible. If you apply, we will ask you questions so we know if you are a dislocated worker.
  • The school or training you attend must have a license or accreditation.
  • The school or training must be full time.
  • The school or training facility must complete Page 3 of the application you send us.

Who is eligible for the TUI program?

A dislocated worker is anyone the Employment Department identifies as unlikely to return to their previous industry or occupation. This includes military veterans.

You may become a dislocated worker because of an economic downturn or a company closure. For example, if you were an assembly line worker at a factory that closed because of technological advancements, you would be unlikely to return to that occupation.

People who have been unemployed for eight consecutive weeks may also be eligible.

If you are unsure if you qualify, please complete the application and we can help identify if you meet the requirements.

What are the benefits of the TUI program?

With the TUI program, dislocated workers can attend school full time while receiving benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Program. There is no requirement to look for work. Participants can receive up to 26 weeks of benefits, along with any available federal or state extensions.

Some TUI participants may be eligible for the Supplemental Unemployment for Dislocated Workers (SUD) program, an extension only available for the TUI program.

What kind of training can I get while in the TUI program?

You can receive full-time training from an accredited community college, university, or vocational program. The program must be accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, provide a license that is recognized by Oregon, or be recognized by a Regional Workforce Investment Board.

Generally, training must be full time. The meaning of full time depends on the training facility or school. We may make an exception if required classes are unavailable or you need only certain classes to finish training.

If you’re not sure a program meets the requirements, please apply.

What other benefits can I get while in the TUI program?

TUI participants may be eligible for Supplemental Unemployment for Dislocated Workers. Those benefits may be available for up to 26 more weeks or until your approved training ends, whichever occurs first.

How can I participate in the TUI program?

Prior to applying for the TUI program, you must file an initial application for benefits from the Unemployment Insurance Program. After that, you can call the Special Programs Center at 503-947-1800, and we can send you a TUI application via your Frances online account. Ensure that you attach section 2 of the application; we are unable to process your application without both sections 1 and 2. As an alternative to submitting through your Frances account, you can complete this TUI program application and submit using the Contact Us form. You can also mail or fax the completed application to:

Oregon Employment Department
PO Box 14518
Salem, OR 97309


We will review your application and ask you questions so we know if you are a dislocated worker. If you are unsure if you qualify, please apply to help us make that determination. 

If we approve your application, you will receive certification to take part in the TUI program. 

You will receive the same benefits from the Training Unemployment Insurance Program as you would through a regular unemployment claim. You may be eligible for any available state or federal extensions, including Supplemental Unemployment for Dislocated Workers (SUD).

How do I stay active in the TUI program?

To continue receiving benefits while participating in the TUI program, you must:

  • Attend approved training each week.
  • File your weekly claim after each week has ended.
  • Provide the Oregon Employment Department with your grades or a certificate of completion or other report that demonstrates satisfactory participation in the training at the end of each term.

What about work search requirements?

Work search requirements remain until you get approval for the TUI program and are attending training full time. You must be able to work, available for work and actively seeking work each week you claim until you get OED approval for the TUI program.

Once you have received approval and have started full-time training, you are no longer required to seek work. This exemption continues as long as you are enrolled full time in your approved training and have a balance on your benefits. You will no longer be eligible for the TUI program after you claim all your benefits.

What about the cost of training or school?

You are responsible for the cost of your training or tuition. The TUI program does not provide training or funding for your training. The program only removes the need to look for work while attending school or training.

What does the school need to do?

A representative of the training facility or school must complete Page 3 of your application for the TUI program.


If you have questions about funding or training options, contact your local training provider or local WorkSource Oregon center. You can find your local training provider at CareerOneStop or WorkSource Oregon.

If you have questions about the TUI program, including how to apply, call the Special Programs Center at 503-947-1800 or 800-436-6191. A TUI representative will explain the program in detail and provide you with an application if you want to apply.