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Appeals Process

Any time we reduce or deny your benefits, we mail you an administrative decision. If you don't agree with the administrative decision, you have the right to request a hearing from the Office of Administrative Hearings and have the decision reviewed through the appeals process. Your employer has the same right in some situations.

During a hearing, an administrative law judge from the Office of Administrative Hearings will hear testimony from people involved and make a ruling. Hearings are usually conducted over the phone.

If you appeal an administrative decision, continue to file for benefits each week. If the appeal is decided in your favor, you will be paid only for those weeks you claimed on time.

File a timely appeal

Administrative decisions become final 20 calendar days after we mail them, so file an appeal quickly if you want a hearing. The original administrative decision will not be reviewed if you do not file a timely appeal.

Request a hearing

The form included in your administrative decision will have instructions on how to file an appeal.  You can also file an appeal and request a hearing in the following ways:

  • Send a request through the Contact Us form​.
  • Fax a request to 503-947-1335.
  • Mail a request to Unemployment Insurance – Hearings, 875 Union St NE, Salem, OR 97301.
  • Call 503-947-3149 and leave a message with all the required information.

You can fill out the Request for a Hearing (Form 2602) to make sure you include all necessary information. Provide the following information in your request:

  • ​Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Customer Identification Number (CID).
  • The administrative decision number. This number is on the letter we mailed you.
  • The date of the decision you are appealing.
  • Information that will help us understand why you disagree with the decision.
  • Specific dates or times you will not be available for a hearing.

We will provide you with language assistance and other accommodations at no cost.

You can find more information about hearings and the appeals process on the Office of Administrative Hearings website.

Update your address

If you have requested a hearing and need to update your address, you must notify both the Office of Administrative Hearings at 503-947-1515 and the Unemployment Insurance Center.